Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Auction Donation: Rebecca Weston, R.A. Weston Editorial

Auction Donor: Rebecca Weston, freelance line editor/copy editor/proofreader of R.A. Weston editorial ( 

Donation item: Professional Editing Services

What you'll get if you win: Either a free full line edit of the first 50 pages of your manuscript (essentially the standard length of a partial request by most agents) or a 50% discount of a full line edit for an entire manuscript with a word count of 95,000 words or less

Starting bid amount. $10

*Please ONLY bid in $1.00 dollar increments (no loose change).
*Please leave bid amount and email address in this format: 
emailaddress [at] provider [dot] com

Availability: International but manuscript must be written in English


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  2. Replies
    1. Hi Danielle, please send me your email address ASAP.

  3. BIDDING OFFICIALLY CLOSED! Winner will be emailed with directions on how to claim their prize! Thank you for supporting Summer Heacock and her family!