Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Auction Donation(BUNDLE!): Sarah Cannon

Auction Donor: Sarah Cannon is an educator and middle grade science fiction and fantasy author. She currently lives in Indiana with her husband and three children. In her spare time, she gardens, knits, spins, and occasionally runs. She is represented by Brooks Sherman of The Bent Agency.

Donation Item: 

Autographed hardcover of THE WANDERER by Sharon Creech 
AND one of the following items:
Set of three twitter pitches OR query/first chapter critique (bidder’s choice).

The sea, the sea, the sea. It rolled and rolled and called to me. Come in, it said, come in. Sophie hears the sea calling, promising adventure as she sets sail for England with her three uncles and two cousins. Sophie's cousin Cody isn't sure he has the strength to prove himself to the crew and to his father. Through Sophie's and Cody's travel logs, we hear stories of the past and the daily challenges of surviving at sea as The Wanderer sails toward its destination—and its passengers search for their places in the world.

What you’ll get if you win: Either a set of three different twitter pitches for one manuscript, or three rounds of critique for the query and first chapter of one manuscript. MG and YA are my wheelhouse, but if you’re willing to take a chance on me, I’m happy to tackle whatever you throw at me! For some examples of my critiquing style, check out the twitter pitch critiques on my blog here:

Starting bid: $10

*Please ONLY bid in $1.00 dollar increments (no loose change).
*Please leave bid amount and email address in this format: 
emailaddress [at] provider [dot] com



  1. $13
    juliesartz [at] gmail [dot] com

  2. BIDDING OFFICIALLY CLOSED! Winner will be emailed with directions on how to claim their prize! Thank you for supporting Summer Heacock and her family!