Wednesday, November 18, 2015

#FriendsOfFizzy AUCTION DONATION Table Of Contents:

HUGE HUGE HUUUUUUUUUGE Thanks to Kimberly VanderHorst for compiling this list!!! What an amazing lifesaver!

Super Fun Stuff:

Terrie Wolfe: Agent Consultation

Kelsey Macke: Jamberry Prize Pack

Kat Saleen: One-hour Tarot Read

PubTalk TV: (2) 15-minute Skype sessions with panelists from PubTalk TV

Jessica Sinsheimer & Veronica Bartles: 30-minute Private Google Hangout

Pam Barney: Fizzy Snack Sack

Jenna Lehne: Essential Oils Gift Set


S.P. McConnell: Custom Full-Color Digital Character/Setting or Creature Sketch

Ashley Ruggirello: Custom, one of a kind (OOAK) eBook cover art

Colevanders Wands: One Custom Wand

Colevanders Wands: One Custom Wand

Colevanders Wands: One Custom Wand

Cait Greer: Formatting and Cover Design

Sublime Glass: 9 Glass Pendants

Whitney Gardner: TWO separate covers for authors looking to self-publish

Talynn Lynn: Graphic Bundle

Books and Swag:

Liana Brooks: 5 E-books and 30 Minute Skype Call

Shauna Granger and B.R. Myers: Signed, hardback, first edition copy of Neil Gaiman's Ocean at the End of the Lane and Three Other Signed Books

Jen Malone and Alison Green Myers: One-hour Skype Classroom Visit, Plus Book and Canvas Bag Filled with New Picture Books

Becky Albertalli, Dahlia Adler, and Kelly Calabrese: SIGNED AND ANNOTATED HARDCOVER OF SIMON VS THE HOMO SAPIENS AGENDA, Signed copy of the book of your choice by Dahlia Adler,

Amy E. Reichert, Shaun Harris, & Kara Leigh Miller: Books and Swag

Brenda Drake, Elodie Nowodaykij, Lindsay Smith, and Heather Petty: Books and Swag

Megan Whitmer, Kelsey Macke, and Aria Glazki: Books and CD

V.S. Holmes, J.C. Nelson, Helen Boswell, and Kelly Calabrese: Books and Swag

Cassandra Page: Book and Cocoa Set

Deanna Raybourn: 8 Signed Books

Kat Ellis, Jessa Russo, and Tamara Mataya: Books and Swag

Melanie Conklin and Erica Miles: Books and Artwork

Tamara Mataya and Jessalyn Jameson: Books

Wendy Spinale: Signed ARC

Rachel O'Laughlin and Eliza Tilton: Books and Swag

Patty Blount: Signed Books

Rebecca Waddell, Aften Brook Szymanski, Helen Boswell, Cory Putman Oakes, & Pat Zietlow Miller: Personalized Poem and Books

Partial Critiques:

Laura Zats: Query Critique

Brent Taylor: 100-page Fiction Critique & 30 Minute Phone Consult

Dr. Uwe Stender: (TWO) Query + First 30 Pages Critiques

Melissa Jeglinski: First Fifty Pages Critique and Books

Roseanne Wells: (3) 30-Page MS Critiques

Sarah LaPolla: Critique: Query + 1st 10​00 words

Eric Smith: Query & First Chapter Critique

Meredith Rich: Query and First Chapter Critique (TWO Available)

Vicki Lame: 25 Page Critique

Alison Weiss, Sky Pony Press: First Three Chapters Critique AND Phone Call With An Industry Professional

Holly Ingraham: First 3 Chapters Critique - Romance or YA WIP

Mandy Schoen: 3 Chapter Critique

Jamie Zakian: Query + 3 Chapter Critique OR Submission Package Critique

Marieke Nijkamp: Query + 3 Chapter Critique (MG/YA)

Kate Brauning: Query Critique - Any Genre of Fiction

Sonia Hartl: Query/Synopsis/First 3 Chapters Critique

Ami Allen-Vath: 1 Query, Twitter pitch and First 10 Pages Critique and Signed Swag

Nicole Evelina: 50 Page Critique and Book

Stephanie Scott: First Chapter Critique

Sharon M. Johnston: Unicorn Package + First 50 Pages Critique + Ebook

S. L. Saboviec: TWO 3-Round Query Critiques

Summer Spence: Query + 3 Chapters Critique - YA or MG
Erica Chapman and S.L. Saboviec: YA Query and 25 Pages Critique, and Books

Jennifer Blackwood: Query + 1 Chapter Critique

Elizabeth Briggs: Query + 1 Chapter Critique - YA (Any Genre) or NA/Adult Romance

Roselle Kaes: First 3 Chapters Critique

Karma Brown: Critique package: 50-Page Critique + Query or Synopsis Critique

Juliana Brandt: Query and First Chapter Critique

Kaitlyn Sage Patterson and Cody Barnhill: 3 Query + 3 Chapter Critiques and Artwork

Kara Leigh Miller: TWO First 3 Chapters Edits - YA, NA, or Adult Romance

Trisha Leigh / Lyla Payne: A Query + First Chapter Critique and Signed Books

Laura Lee Anderson: 3-Pass Query Critique

Adriana Cloud: Query and 3 Chapters Critique

Brianna Shrum: Submission Package Critique (with optional phone call or Google Hangout)

Amy Trueblood: Query and First Chapter Critique

Jenna Lehne: 5 Essential Oils and Query + First 3 Chapters Critique

Lara Willard: Full Plot Consultation + First 10 Pages Critique

Helen Boswell, Tasha Seegmiller, Erin Shakespear, Elaine Vickers, Rosalyn Eves: 10 Page Critique by all five original Thinking Through Our Fingers members - MG, YA, Adult

Lindsey R. Loucks: 3 Chapter Critique

Rachel Horwitz: Query and 3 Chapter Critique

Lindsay Smith: First 15 Pages Critique - YA/Adult

Michelle Hauck: Query Critique and E-book

Kimberly Vanderhorst: 3 Query + 100 Pages Critiques & Canadian Goodies

Liz Lincoln Steiner: Query Critique and E-books

Dee Romito: Query + First 3 Chapters Critique - MG/YA

Alison Green Myers: 50-page Critique of YA manuscript

Rae Chang: 3 Query Critiques

Kyra Nelson: Query + First 50 pages Critique

Jessica Cluess: Query and First 10 Pages Critique

Jody Holford: TWO two-pass query critiques and first three chapters critiques

LS Murphy: Query + first 50 pages critique for YA, NA, or contemporary romance

Full Critiques:

Julia A. Weber: Full MS Reader Report

Molly Lee: Full MS Critique - YA, NA, & A

Kisa Whipkey: Query + Synopsis Aid + Full Manuscript Critique

Bethany Robison: Full Manuscript & Query Feedback

Naomi Hughes: Full MS Reader Report

Shen Hart: Full MS Edit

Kathleen S. Allen: Full Critique of YA MS, Query and Pitch

HoneyBee Crush: Full Beta Read for YA/MG MS

L.M. Murphy: Full Beta Read or Custom Short Story or Bio Write Up

Jessica Rubinkowski: Full Manuscript Critique for a YA Book of Any Genre

Chelly Pike: Full MS Crit

Ashley Turcotte: Full MS Copy Edit

Kate Saunder: Full MS Critique and Signed Book

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